10 Most Shocking Wrestling Betrayals

Eat your heart out, Benedict Arnold.

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One thing WWE has taught its viewers over the years is to never trust anyone. Whether it’s honourable babyfaces revealing their malevolent true colours to the fans or long time factions imploding, few characters ever remain noble.

Wrestling factions are typically formed so the members can support one another. Teaming can lead to reinvention, hot angles and all manner of hijinks. It’s all great for a while but eventually the members will start to clash and tease feuds with one another. Soon enough, friendships have imploded and betrayals lead to blood feuds.

There are other times when a lone wrestler betrays their promotion and their fans, often pushed too far by one too many setbacks. Wrestling’s even had its fair share of romances over the years and by this point, it should be rather obvious how most of them end...

Betrayals often make for thrilling moments in wrestling, remembered by fans for years to come. Such angles conclude old storylines and introduce new ones for all of the wrestlers involved. From the heartbreaking to the wholly unexpected, let’s take a look at 10 of wrestling’s most shocking betrayals.


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