10 Most Shocking WWE Reveals

It doesn't always gotta be Kane... but usually, it is.


After months and months and months of will-she won't-she teases over Sasha Banks' return, The Boss finally made her big comeback on this week's episode of Raw, interrupting and promptly beating the paste out of poor Natalya, just a night after she'd been similarly dispatched by Becky Lynch.

As part of her post-WrestleMania cleansing process, Banks rather bizarrely peeled off her entire scalp to reveal... er... that she now had blue hair? The precise significance of this act wasn't exactly clear, especially considering WWE's female talent have a penchant for colouring their coiffures almost every other week.

It wasn't really a big reveal, seeing as Sasha wasn't actually revealing anything at all beyond a bottle of L'Oreal. Splendid though the comeback was overall, one can't help but feel it would have been even better had Banks emerged from some sort of human-sized box, or, say, an egg.

It's one of the more printable Jim Cornette truisms that any wrestler who debuts out of a box gets over. These following fellas did just that when they unsheathed their faces from a selection of masks, hoods, and on one occasion, a Santa hat.

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Editorial Team

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