10 Most Shocking WWE WrestleMania Role Reversals

Top, Middle or Bottom?


The year-on-year trajectory of a WWE performer shouldn't be judged solely on how they're used on 'The Grandest Stage', but it has on occasion highlighted remarkable rises and/or fatal falls up and down the card.

The hope for most Superstars will be largely similar to the same story WWE always likes to spin - everybody starts at the bottom and gradually works their way to the top. WrestleMania serves as a checkpoint until it becomes the climax. The 'Showcase Of The Immortals' moniker serves as a reminder that just being on the card at very least secures your place in pro wrestling lore, but the industry hasn't ever been built on celebrating mediocrity.

It's a business that celebrates the champions and laments the losers - all glorious ascents rather than deep declines, unless such a switch can be seen through the prism of just 365 days. Wrestlers have often flippantly commented that, to Vince McMahon, you're only as good as your last match. When it comes to the 'Show of Shows', they may as well perform as if its your last moment on earth - there's no finer stage upon which to shine, and for some it's proven a rather unexpected peak...


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