10 Most Succesful TNA Wrestlers In WWE

Not all of these runs were glorious, but things are certainly getting better.

AJ Styles

We’ve seen many, many wrestlers from WWE go to TNA over the years. Usually not as their first choice of employment. But top stars like Hulk Hogan, Rob Van Dam and Booker T, to firmly defined mid-card acts like D’Lo Brown, Test and Shannon Moore have all made their way to the Impact Zone at one point.

At times, it seemed that anyone who Vince McMahon let go from his company was approximately three months away from making their TNA debut.

However, it’s not often that we’ve seen the reverse in effect, especially prior to this past year. WWE Management has usually seemed either unaware of the best TNA has had to offer, or simply wasn’t interested.

These days things have changed that up a bit, likely due to Triple H's growing influence in WWE, and his ability to bring in new talent for NXT. But in the past, it was a surprisingly rare site to see a name first established in TNA show up on Raw or SmackDown. And when some talent like Kazarian and Awesome Kong did come in, it was probably best to forget that it ever happened. Others, though, have fared quite a bit better.

For this list, we're going to look at wrestlers who were largely identified first with TNA before moving on to WWE, and not those who started in WWE, then went to TNA, and came back. So names like Christian, The Dudleyz and Gail Kim won't be listed here.

While there aren't a ton of success stories yet for the TNA Originals in their new home, things are certainly getting better and should continue to improve. Here are the 10 best TNA to WWE runs so far.

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AJ Styles
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