10 Most Unique Submissions In UFC History

9. Reverse Calf Slicer

Who: Charles Oliveira vs. Eric Wisely

When: UFC on Fox: Evans vs. Davis

Brazilian submission magician Charles Oliveira has made a career out of making his opponent tap. The man holds the UFC record for most submissions with an astonishing 13 finishes... from just 16 wins!

Highly-trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Oliveira's wrap sheet shows off a lot of the usual suspects in the realm of subs, including three guillotines, four rear-naked chokes, and even three anaconda chokes.

But it's his reverse Calf Slicer (2:53 in the video) on an unsuspecting Eric Wisely that stands head and shoulders above the rest on the highlight reel.

Calf Slicers pop up here and there in the world of MMA, but a reverse of the same move is incredibly rare, not just to bring about a finish, but to even apply the move at all.

A regular set up for the Slicer usually involves trapping the opponents leg in a triangle position and using your hands to crank at the ankle, applying pressure to the knee and calf.

The reverse hold, being the complete opposite, uses the lower body to apply all the pressure on the trapped leg, and the hands are for wrenching the body back into position.

It's almost as much luck as it is any of the skills just mentioned.

In the case of Oliveira, it looked as if Wisely's movement while trying to get out of the toe hold took him the wrong way, ending up putting himself in the Slicer, as much as Oliveira intentionally getting him there.


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