10 Most Unprofessional Performances In WWE History

He should call it the five knuckle shovel.

Shawn Michaels Sweet Chin Music Hulk Hogan

Ego is incredibly rife in pro wrestling, and has been since its origins in travelling carnivals. Mostly, though, personal issues are forgotten between the ropes or on the microphone, and there is a very clear remit on professionalism and respect. Wrestlers are meant to do everything possible to fulfil the shared objectives of a match, go to the back when it's over, and shake one another's hand.

There are occasions, however, where this shared code of conduct is transgressed upon. Wrestlers have been concerned for and protective of their spot to such an extent that they'd rather bury their foes than relinquish it. They have thrown their weight around to opponents coming in from different promotions just to try and prove their superiority. In some extreme cases, they have also done everything in their power to make their opponent look silly.

Despite being the first to remind new stars about the unwritten codes governing wrestling, some of WWE's biggest ever names have been guilty of turning their back on the spirit of the industry in the past. Here, we take a look at the worst offenders...

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