10 Most Unsatisfying WWE Storyline Conclusions

That's... it?


If you're a keen cinema-goer, you can probably name one or two movies whose endings left you feeling a little empty.

Well, imagine what it would be like experiencing that feeling nearly every week - because that's pretty much the reality for fans of professional wrestling, where meticulously built storylines frequently climax in low-key or just plain confusing ways.

We should be used to it by now, but sometimes it's hard not to be hooked in by a feud between two wrestlers who have never before crossed paths, or a fresh, new direction which could open up the door for something truly exciting.

There're too many things that can go wrong though. WWE writers can misread the fan response, one of the key wrestlers involved can suddenly take their ball home with them, and perhaps worst of all, it can simply turn out that what they had in store all along was just bad.

And the result is a set of conclusions that leave a really bitter taste in the mouths of the fans who were so invested in it in the weeks or even months leading up to them.