10 Most Volatile WWE Crowds Ever

10. Royal Rumble 2015

We begin this list with one of the most recent examples of all; from this year€™s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Heading into the event, Roman Reigns was the odds-on favourite to win the Rumble match€”despite Daniel Bryan€™s overwhelming popularity. Unsurprisingly, many fans were displeased. But few could have foreseen such a vitriolic backlash as the one that greeted Reigns€™ crowning victory. In what was supposed to be the defining moment of his young career, the new no. 1 contender was booed out of the building. The Philly crowd even managed to drown out his music with their overwhelming disgust. What made this reaction so much more incredible was the fact that Reigns had eliminated two of the most disliked characters no WWE TV€”Kane and the Big Show€”as well as the alleged super heel Rusev. And not only that, he even had the Rock by his side! Add to this anti-Reigns barrage the Daniel Bryan chants that reigned (no pun intended) throughout much of the match itself, and you easily have one of the most volatile crowds in WWE history.

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