10 Most WTF Promos In Wrestling

What are they on about? And what are they on?

In the world of professional wrestling, promos are a funny business: and by funny, we mean deadly serious. No joke, promos are vitally important in assisting the audience in maintaining their iron-clad suspension of disbelief in a television programme about giant oily men pretending to fight one another in their underwear. A truly great promo can make the fans believe in anyone and anything: conversely, a truly godawful promo can destroy any credibility that a wrestler might once have had. A monumental worked-shoot promo in June 2011 had the WWE fanbase believing that the notorious jerkass CM Punk was a selfless €˜voice of the voiceless€™ working against the system from within to change the WWE for the benefit of the €˜internet fans€™, and not in fact the straight-edge reincarnation of Oscar The Grouch at all. We€™ve all heard great promos, and we€™ve all heard terrible promos (especially if we€™ve ever grimly sat through anything Matt Hardy€™s posted on Youtube in the vain hope that, this time, he€™ll have written it down and memorised it first). What follows are promos cut by people who could talk, and people who couldn€™t talk: the only common thread here is that no one€™s sure what on earth they were on about. These are some of the most confusing, WTF promos in all of wrestling.
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