10 New Directions For AEW After WrestleDream 2023

9. Ricky Starks Going After Mox

Adam Copeland Edge AEW

Ricky Starks stared a hole through Jon Moxley during and after his pinfall win over Wheeler Yuta on Sunday night. That told the full story of what's coming down the pipe: Starks is about to gun for Mox, who provided guest commentary for a few matches on the PPV, rather soon.

Why else would he be eyeballing he-who-loves-to-bleed?

This sort of scenario would've been ideal had Moxley not dropped the International Title to Rey Fenix a few weeks back. He and Starks could've put on a championship clinic at Full Gear, but they can still produce the goods without any gold up for grabs. The booking is heading that way regardless.

Jon didn't exactly eyeball Ricky (or Big Bill) back following the WrestleDream scrap though. In a perfect world, Moxley will help Starks regain some of the momentum he's lost since that feud with Chris Jericho that seemed to drag on and on and on and on and...you get the point.


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