10 New Directions For WWE After King And Queen Of The Ring 2024

'King' GUNTHER awaits, but WWE has other World Title business first...

Drew McIntyre World Heavyweight Title CM Punk

There's a tightness to these Triple H-led WWE cards that should be applauded.

Sure, the staggering amount of WWE Shop ads and other vignettes in between matches is a bit much and slows everything down, but the five match format (six if you include Saturday's pre-show effort) lets every single bout breathe. The main roster supercards are now akin to NXT TakeOvers from yesteryear, and that's a sweet full circle moment for 'The Game'.

Nia Jax was crowned Queen and GUNTHER the new King on a roasting night in Saudi Arabia. Trips himself offered up prizes to both tournament winners after declaring that they'd challenge champs at SummerSlam. WWE has a metric crap ton of content to plough through before August - Clash At The Castle is next, then Money In The Bank.

Speaking of Clash: The World Title match is already set, and it's fairly obvious who's winning it. What lies further beyond that, and for top stars like Cody Rhodes, is anyone's guess. Events on SmackDown might've teased Cody's long term path, but he'll need to find a 'B' story in the meantime.

Here's where WWE goes next following a regal evening overseas. This summer is going to be special, but...will it be another trip down memory lane?

10. Liv Morgan On Top Of Raw

Drew McIntyre World Heavyweight Title CM Punk

Strap in and brace yourselves for a mid-length Liv Morgan title reign.

She dethroned Becky Lynch over in Saudi (thanks in no small part to Dominik Mysterio, but we'll get to that shortly) to become Women's World Champion, and the "Revenge Tour" is now complete. There's every chance Liv will hold that belt until Rhea Ripley returns from her injury. Then, sh*t will hit the fan for Morgan.

Rhea has unfinished business as champ, and Triple H knows that. Sure, injuries do force changed plans in pro wrestling, but Ripley is the kind of generational star divisions are built around. Meanwhile, like it or not, Liv is more of a placeholder who's only there to keep the title warm because it suits the story.

That doesn't mean her title reign will flop though. It can still be super-enjoyable and marked by several cracking matches. First up, Becky Lynch will get a rematch on TV coming out of King And Queen Of The Ring. Then, who knows? Rhea's recovery can't come soon enough for creative.


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