10 New Directions For WWE After Survivor Series: WarGames 2023

4. Bayley Being Punted From Damage CTRL

Triple H CM Punk WWE Survivor Series 2023

Pictured above is once-proud Damage CTRL leader Bayley taking a kicking from Bianca Belair shortly before Becky Lynch pinned her to win the women's WarGames for the babyface squad. Remember that visual, because it'll come into play for CTRL on TV going forwards.

Bayley is about to get punted from the group, possibly turn baby by default and then move into a natural feud opposite former friend IYO SKY for the Women's Title heading into 'Mania season. That's actually a nifty spot for both, and counts as a powerful end point for the Damage CTRL saga.

WWE has been teasing them as rivals for a long, long time.

IYO, Asuka, Kairi Sane and even Dakota Kai won't be thrilled that Bayley tasted defeat at Survivor Series. Expect to see them grill their former ringleader on SmackDown very soon, then expect WWE to keep sowing seeds for Bayley vs. SKY over the coming months.

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