10 New Wrestling Relationships You May Have Missed

10. Adam Cole & Britt Baker

Adam Cole Britt Baker

Some hardcore WWE fans may remember 27-year old Britt Baker's fleeting appearance as a jobber for Nia Jax on the 25 July 2016 episode of Raw. That brief squash remains Baker's only WWE showing to date, but she's killing it away from the ring.

Britt, a dental student at the University of Pittsburgh's School of Dental Medicine, is currently in a relationship with NXT standout Adam Cole (baby).

The pair have history on the independent scene, and they were previously WC Big Top Tag Team Champions in Wrestle Circus. Aside from that, they're romantically linked in real life and still seeing one another despite Cole's WWE commitments.

Unlike some other romances on this list, Baker and Cole freely post about their relationship on social media. There are numerous pictures of them looking rather loved up on Cole's Twitter account and on Britt's Instagram page.


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