10 NXT Black & Gold Stars Triple H Built (... And Vince McMahon DESTROYED!)

9. Adam Rose

Sasha Banks

Leo Kruger was a mainstay of early NXT. The deranged mercenary fit into the shape of the show nicely, competing for both the main title and the tag belts but gold remained out of reach. Rather unexpectedly, Kruger was repackaged at a house-show in 2014 as Adam Rose, a flamboyant man who was guided to the ring by an entourage of colourful, partying characters.

Now, these kind of fun-loving gimmicks tend to have a ceiling with their placement on the card but Rose got over fast. He showed off his variety to effortlessly play the the part of the Russell Brand-inspired party animal, and had incredibly catchy music to boot.

After a year on NXT, he was catapulted to Raw.

Here, Rose was quick to enter a story with one of his many Rosebud valets. The Bunny had been a tag team partner before he turned into an adversary. Whilst comedy is absolutely a part of wrestling, and this bizarre feud maybe had its moments, it didn't do anything for anyone in the long-run.

After a year on Raw, Rose had dismissed his lapin friend and turned his back on his fun-loving ways. From here he flopped between an artist gimmick, a gossip and as part of the ragtag stable The Outcasts until no interest in him remained. The party was truly over.


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