10 OMG Wrestling Fan Tattoos

There's dedication...then there's this.

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Earlier today on Reddit, a user shared an image of their 'Firefly Fun House' tattoo despite the fact that Bray Wyatt's new gimmick has been going less than a month and he hasn't wrestled since last summer.

The commitment to the cause is to be commended, but you can't help but worry that they may have jumped the gun slightly.

We wrestling fans are a passionate bunch and often express our love for the sport of professional wrestling in a variety of ways; whether that be written on signs at TV tapings, in comments sections across the internet, or in this case by getting a permanent reminder tattooed on our own body.

It's fair to say that tattoos and wrestling have a chequered history; for every tribal half-sleeve on The Rock, there's a Batista belly button sun, and it's the same for fans too.

There have been some great homages to people's favourite wrestlers in the past, but this collection is dedicated to ones you will not believe.

Check out this gallery of the ten most OMG wrestling fan tattoos, and maybe think twice before you get inked...

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