10 Outrageous WWE Storylines That Could Happen If The Attitude Era Returned Today

Some things are better left in the past...


Vince McMahon himself declared during a recent shareholders call that WWE will be moving in a slightly edgier direction, but staying within the parameters of a PG rating (no blood and guts!). This has been evident with somewhat crude angles involving Drake Maverick and his wife, Maria Kanellis and her husband, and male on female violence with Baron Corbin hitting his finisher on Becky Lynch.

But what if the newly fomented competition from Tony Khan and The Elite's AEW pushes WWE to go even further to emerge victorious in the ratings war? It's impossible to predict just how successful AEW will be once they launch on TNT Wednesday nights - but it was lagging in the ratings to WCW which instigated the Attitude Era in the first place.

WWE has already brought back Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman to the fold, gracing them with executive roles in a bid to reverse the company's flagging viewing and live attendance figures. What if Vinnie Mac was to have a mad moment (wouldn't be the first) and in the biggest swerve of all, bring back Vince Russo to the writer's table?

If Russo was head writer today, what outrageous story lines could we be in for? Sure, some of these may be shocking, offensive and/or downright distasteful, but if you don't think these narratives would have been possible in the late nineties, then you clearly were not watching the product in the late nineties.

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