10 Pairs Of Wrestlers Who Would've Made Great Tag Teams

If time and era weren't a problem...

The world of professional wrestling has seen some fantastic tag teams over the years (the Road Warriors, the Steiner Brothers, Edge and Christian and the Dudley Boyz to name just a handful), as well as some pretty terrible ones (3-Minute Warning, Right to Censor, the Gymini and the Dicks to name but a few) and it's always fun to imagine what might have been if certain wrestlers had tagged together. Wrestlers with similar aims, similar styles and similar looks have passed each other by through the ages - when, quite frankly, it would have been awesome to have seen them cross each other's paths and team-up with a common goal and a collective theme. So, what if those guys had been around during the same era? What if wrestlers from different eras had been around at the same time and had teamed-up to launch an assault on the tag team division? That's what we're going to be taking a look at in this article. The article will also give the makeshift tag teams potential team-names and discuss who it would be great to have seen them feud with. Here are ten pairs of wrestlers who would have made great tag teams together...
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