10 Pairs Of Wrestlers Who Would've Made Great Tag Teams

9. Kharma & Chyna

Tag Team Name: FemDom. Ideal Feud(s): The entire male tag division (maybe even the entire male singles division as well). Kharma and Chyna are two of the most dominant females in wrestling history. They're muscular and tough to the point of being almost masculine (no offence intended!) and, even though Kharma was only in WWE for a very short amount of time, both ladies took male scalps during their tenures. Kharma entered the 2012 Royal Rumble and intimidated Michael Cole into eliminating himself, before eliminating Hunico and then being eliminated herself by Dolph Ziggler - but not before she had given an Implant Buster to the former World Heavyweight Champion. Chyna, of course, had a highly successful spell in the WWE - one that included three Intercontinental title reigns, no less, after she defeated the likes of Chris Jericho, Jeff Jarrett and Val Venis for the belt. She also entered the 1999 Royal Rumble and eliminated the world's strongest man, Mark Henry. She qualified for a King of the Ring tournament and is the only woman to ever be the number one contender to the then WWF title. They could legitimately be put forward as a genuine threat to the male tag division and a title run wouldn't even be out of the question - and they could target the men of the WWE in general in order to make an ongoing statement.
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