10 People WWE Should Remove From The Hall Of Fame

A cancelled ceremony.


In July 2015, Hulk Hogan found himself haunted by the ghost of Jeremy Beadle, when Candid Camera footage somehow slipped into the public stratosphere depicting him repeatedly using racial slurs, before openly admitting to his bedfellow that he was "racist, to a point".

Hogan has effusively apologised for the tape since - or at least, for being caught.

Over night, the prestige Hogan had built up over thirty years was shattered. Having brought him in from the cold for the umpteenth time in 2014, WWE again severed ties with the Hulkster. Only this time, the door was shut completely; Hulk was scrubbed from the record books, not for ethical reasons, but because of the damage his now toxic brand would cause to WWE's investor-and-advertiser wary one.

As part of Hogan's airbrushing from history, his Hall of Fame ring was handed over to the pawnbrokers. Though clearly a big public show of denunciation, the act served to highlight WWE double standards; if Hogan was out of the Hall for his despicable blooper reel, then so too should a whole host of other problematic inductees - many of whom probably shouldn't have got the nod in the first place.

But then WWE accepted Hogan's 'apology', indirectly in exchange for several tankers full of Saudi petrodollars. Any pretense of moral high ground was utterly flattened. If the company had anything like permanent principles, their Hall would be a lot thinner...

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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