10 Plain Wrong Wrestling Myths Perpetuated By The IWC

You still suck.


Let's start by defining the Internet Wrestling Community:

If you're reading this, you're a part of it. You may not like that. I'm writing this, so I'm definitely a part of it, but I don't like it much either. One of the reasons I resent the classification is because by its nature, it also doesn't exist. We're not a sect, all subscribing to the same set of beliefs. I only need look at the comments in my articles to know that certainly isn't the case...

And yet, there does seem to be some sort of collective conventional wisdom amongst our warring ranks - not a jot of it wholly true.

It's difficult to determine exactly how these untruths have become so pervasive. By definition, they're not untruths. They are subjective opinions. But still - they're wrong.

This phenomenon happens everywhere. Some music fans, even discerning ones, will tell you that jazz is self-indulgent. It isn't. Some film fans will tell you that American Beauty has retained its status as a classic. It has in fact aged pretty badly.

The growth and acceptance of a myth can't be explained. But it can be debunked...


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