10 Potential WWE WrestleMania 36 Opponents For John Cena

Big Match John.
"Incase you forgot or fell off, I'm still hot – knock your shell off. My money stack fat, plus I can't turn the swell off. The franchise doing big business, I live this – is automatic I win this, so you hear those horns who finish".

That lyrical genius is from John Cena's entrance theme, and there are a few phrases that stand out more than others. "I'm still hot", for one. "My money stack fat" also. "The franchise doing big business" too.

All of those words potentially describe Cena's impending WWE comeback and the impact he'll have on business at WrestleMania 36. There's no doubting that Cena has been a company franchise, he'll make wads of cash in Tampa and he'll be hot sh*t for a while after his return. Like or loathe the one-time poster boy, it's true he'll get the star treatment.

Who will he wrestle on 5 April though? That's the question.

Names like Brock Lesnar are already taken (he's set to collide with hulking Scotsman Drew McIntyre), and it's unlikely Cena will work The Undertaker like he did at 'Mania 34. So, who? Here are the best, and possibly worst, choices that could realistically happen...


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