10 Precise Moments When WWE Ruthless Aggression Era Careers Ended

Just how many of these WWE stars do you remember? Here's how it ended for them!

Shawn Michaels Lance Cade

"Who has enough Ruthless Aggression?".

That's what one Vince McMahon asked his WWE roster on the 24 June 2002 edition of flagship show Raw. Much like he had when he asked for "Attitude" five years earlier, McMahon was ushering in a brand new era for the company, and he wasn't shy about hammering home this new catchphrase.

WWE's "Ruthless Aggression" era ran between 2002-2008. That's when Vince took his promotion PG (thus launching what is commonly known as the "PG Era") and moved away from things like blood, sex and profanity. Back in '02 though, the boss was trying to gee up his troops and recapture the magic of "Attitude".

Some thrived, but others faded away and either left the company long before PG became the law or shortly thereafter. You might not even remember a few of them, but this list ties together their final on-screen appearances before being released.

These are the exact moments when some of the "Ruthless Aggression" era's brightest hopefuls saw those dreams McMahon spoke about be shattered into a million pieces. Here's how it ended for each and every single one of them.

Try these names on for size...

10. Mordecai/Kevin Thorn

Shawn Michaels Lance Cade

Yes, yes that is the artist formerly known as Mordecai.

WWE pulled the plug on their Undertaker-lite experiment mere months after debuting it in 2004, but the dude was recast as Kevin Thorn on ECW in 2006. The vampire gimmick also failed to get over, and that left poor Kev wondering what was next for him.

He did pop back up on the 6 December 2007 episode of ECW, but a win over enhancement worker Jeff Lewis turned out to be another false dawn - although Thorn had cut his hair and had brand new ring attire, this reinvention was very much a case of too little, too late.

The company hauled him off telly boxes immediately, and the crummy vamp was placed back down in developmental territory OVW before before released a short while later. That smile in December '07 was the last time fans saw him on WWE programming.


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