10 Predictions For The State Of Wrestling In 5 Years

Just how different could things be?


What will pro wrestling look like in 2025?

Staunch WWE loyalists who pin their allegiance to 'Sports Entertainment' would tell you that Vince McMahon, spurred on by the competition, will find another gear and return his company to its creative glory days. AEW supporters would claim that McMahon has lost his touch and that Tony Khan's league will grow to eventually supplant WWE atop the grappling mountain for good.

Other promotions, including Impact, ROH, New Japan and more, will have a say in how things pan out long term too. The question is this though: Will all of those companies still be operating as standalone entities five years from now? The far off fantasy lands of 2025 might just change wrestling's landscape outside the North American big two completely, and that may mean waving goodbye to old favourites.

A lot of imagination has gone into this list, but it's important to maintain at least some grasp on reality even when inventing all sorts of fresh scenarios about what might happen with an industry that's ever-evolving. Using what's happening today as a guide helps.

So, about those predictions...

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