10 Pro Wrestlers Most Likely To Follow You Back On Twitter

The elusive "Follows you" that we search for on Twitter...

As WWE's fascination with and celebration of follower stats proves, social media is an increasing part of pro wrestling. Fans are invariably very active on that front, sharing memes, assessing shows and PPVs with the community and sending appreciation or shade towards official wrestler accounts. It's all very much a culture of attention-seeking as we tag certain wrestlers or companies or personalities, in the hope of a like or that elusive re-tweet. After all, if you manage to post an interesting or funny comment and a famous wrestler re-tweets it, it could mean more followers for you and the chance to interact with some new friends. Even though a like or a re-tweet can be a nice gratification for your level of banter or sucking up (it's usually one of the two), there's a brighter light at the end of the tunnel that some fans search for - the pro wrestler follow back. Ninety nine per cent of the time, when you follow a pro wrestler on Twitter, you see their updates, increase their followers but you rarely see much in return. It's like they have no interest in you slamming the roster, or sharing botch gifs and memes... But in that rare one per cent of cases, a star will actually follow you back. With that in mind, there are some techniques you can perfect to make yourself a more followable prospect. In pursuit of those golden rules, I've delved into the depths of Twitter, spoken to hundreds of fans, scouted wrestlers accounts, used my own personal experiences and liaised with colleagues to bring you the absolute 10 Pro Wrestlers and personalities who are the most likely to follow you back on Twitter.
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