10 Problems EVERY Wrestling Company Has In Common

Have your friends heard of your favourite wrestler?


Wrestling fandom is basically AEW Vs. WWE now, and it sucks.

Your writer is drawn into it far too often, and so consider this an attempt to move away from the comparisons that, to be fair, AEW and WWE invite by taking digs at - and going to head-to-head war with - the competition.

Your company excuses sexual predators.

Well, your company excuses sexual predators, too!

Your company gave Matt Hardy head trauma!

Yeah, well, your company was thick as sh*t enough to make Dexter Lumis Ricochet, and they nearly shattered the poor prick's ankle!

Your company just pushes ex-WWE guys!

Your company is PWG with no soul and a big budget!

Your company won't book women's wrestling!

Your company can't book!

And on and on and on it goes, an endless dance that intensifies whenever there's a third dive in two matches on one show, or a show on the other show. There is no tribalism here - there's just a good and a bad company - but neither are perfect.

Outright promoting or failing to condemn predators is also a massive, overwhelmingly putrid issue, but libel laws exist, and that issue is not being conflated here.


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