10 Questions For Ken Anderson

Ken talks his new wrestling school, his TNA run and unique training methods.

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Ken Anderson has learned a lot about the professional wrestling business over the course of his lengthy career.

He developed his craft, and created the blueprint for his character in the Midwest in the early 2000s. Like so many other wrestlers, he competed for various independent promotions for years, struggling to make a name for himself before finally being picked up by WWE, and later showing up in TNA.

It wasn't an easy journey. He went through a lot of trials and struggles to enjoy all the success he's earned, and now, he wants to share his knowledge with the next generation.

Anderson is, of course, from Green Bay, Wisconsin. But he's recently moved to Minnesota to open up a wrestling school with his longtime friend Shawn Daivari, along with assistant trainers Arik Cannon, Ariya Daivari and Molly Holly, who stepped away from the business entirely in 2005.

Their school, The Academy: School of Professional Wrestling opens up on 2 Nov. Their class is almost full, but last minute students can still sign up, and receive a full year of training from the group at a discounted price.

Here Ken talks about the upcoming school, as well as his time in TNA and...ventriloquism?

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