10 Rare Awesome WWE Surprises

Eight-legged freak occurrences.

Daniel Bryan SummerSlam 2010

In theory, a big mystery angle appeals to the most base of human curiosity, our hope - that somehow has not been pummelled into utter submission - that WWE A) does not write week-to-week under a framework ritually shredded by a brain-wormed madman, B) is, if not permitted, even capable of plotting and intensifying story beats and C) doesn't have previous of parodic, meme-able horsesh*t.

For months, we cautiously tried to peek into Rowan's cage, half-expecting tosh, half-expecting something that wasn't an obviously fake, gigantic spider. It was a spider. Of course it was a spider.

That's a bad example. It was hardly going to be an seven-inch tall future megastar that had generated huge buzz on the Independent scene enclosed in that cage. That seven-inch tall future megastar wouldn't even get a locker in the Performance Center, much less satisfactory TV time.

But huge, mystery opponent? Existing midcard act Savio Vega!

Higher power? More like existing power!

Who ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin? The guy who claimed WWE does not like "Island boys", as da Rock held the belt right on front of his bloody eyes.

WWE literally laid an egg at Survivor Series 1990, and there was a literal turkey inside, and still we raise our hopes.

But - and here's that bargaining impulse - they also debuted...

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