10 Real-Life Married Couples On WWE's Roster

From wrestling rings to wedding rings.

Triple H Stephanie

After not being offered a contract immediately following the Mae Young Classic, it seems that Candice LeRae is finally set to put pen to paper with WWE. Once the dotted line has been signed, we can expect her to alight in NXT, where no doubt she'll be delighted to link up with hubby Johnny Gargano. Imagine getting to spend not just your home life but also all your working hours with your nearest and dearest? Bliss!

Once upon a time, this sort of thing would be greatly discouraged, not least because wrestling marriages usually involve a) a face smoshed in cake b) snakes c) an act tantamount to date rape or d) all of the above. More over, there used to be a thing called kayfabe, which dictated that a six-foot voodoo man who makes ink pour from his victims' eyes probably shouldn't be happily married. Or even gloomily married. Should the company's resident zombie be hitched to an on-screen talent, it certainly wouldn't be acknowledged.

These days, the only possible involvement kayfabe has with inter-promotional matrimony is as the wedding planner's name. The advent of reality shows such as the Totals Divas and Bellas has made wrestling couples a valuable commodity - not least because the service provides a great series finale - and today WWE is practically overrun with lovesick lovebirds. Good job they get so much practice walking down aisles.

10. Montez Ford & Bianca Belair

Miz and Maryse pratting on

Like those hazily-named distant cousins you invite to your wedding, NXT lovebirds Montez Ford and Bianca Belair are here to make up the numbers. Last summer was an exciting time for Ford, real name Kenneth Crawford, who not only returned to NXT TV as part of a new tandem alongside Angelo Dawkins - known as The Street Profits - but also announced his engagement to fellow developmental talent Belair.

Perhaps this is cheating a bit as the couple have yet to officially tie the knot, but the deal's as good as done. With any luck, we'll have an on-screen tie-in somehow contriving to use those spare shark cages once more.

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