10 Reasons The Kane That Debuted In 1997 Is Way Cooler Than Today's

1. The Backstory

If there is one thing that has greatly diminished the Kane character over the 17 years of its existence, it is the horrific continuity of his backstory. In 1997, the Devil's Favorite Demon debuted as Undertaker's brother, who was severely burned in a fire at the family's funeral home, which may or may not have been started by the Dead Man himself. Paul Bearer rescued Kane, kept him under lock and key and raised him. He had it drilled into him from an early age that Undertaker was responsible for the fire that killed Kane's mother and that vengeance should be his. When the time came, he was unleashed on World Wrestling Entertainment and no one was safe. It was a simple revenge story that made sense and had fans invested in the rivalry. Over the years, however, it became warped and important elements of it became lost or overshadowed by more ridiculous alterations. By 2002, when Triple H revealed that Kane had been out joyriding with Katie Vick when she was killed in an accident, all semblance of order and sense was thrown out. How could Kane have been out driving with a girlfriend when he was locked in a basement by Bearer? Who taught him to drive? Where did he meet Katie? Now, the backstory is nonexistent. Kane is simply referred to as the Devil's Favorite Demon, a generic monster of a competitor who does bad things, uses fire in his entrances and really has no rhyme or reason for doing what he does. Which is a shame because the company had the opportunity to create a running mythology for the enduring character.
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