10 Reasons Nobody Should Believe A Word Hulk Hogan Says

If his lips are moving, Terry Bollea is lying.


Hulk Hogan is a wrestling icon. A legend of his time - and a legend of mythical proportions in his own mind.

The man who declared he had wrestled 400 days in a calendar year is once again back in the news, following his controversial reinstatement into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Hogan's return into the WWE fold has split opinion, particularly amongst the company's black performers.

Why? Because Hulk Hogan is a racist.

No, he's not...

Yes he is.

In a moment of rare candour Hogan (illegally, granted) cut perhaps his sincerest promo.

I guess we’re all a little racist. F–king n—-r.

While repulsive, one can't help but feel these were among the most honest words Terry Bollea has ever uttered.

Every bit the definition of a pathological liar, Hogan has, regrettably, long been considered an artful worker, merely manipulating truth under the guise of being 'old school'.

As Hulk prepares for his biggest comeback ever, it's impossible to shake the feeling that his boiler-plate apology for accidentally being caught espousing racial hatred is any less dishonest than the myriad of fabrications that he's been responsible for decades.

Here are just 10 reasons to not believe a word Hulk Hogan has to say.

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