10 Reasons Spike TV Will Cancel TNA Impact Wrestling

Ineptitude has cost wrestlers their jobs and fans another alternative.

Unless something drastic changes between now and the end of their contract with Spike in October, TNA will no longer for Total Nonstop Action. It will instead be an acronym for Television Not Airing. That€™s unfortunate for a multitude of reasons, especially for fans of the promotion who€™ve stuck with the company through the many ups and downs. And let€™s face it, there€™s been far more downs than ups. Far, far more. For those who€™ve never been inclined to pay much attention to TNA yet still consider themselves fans of the business, you should still be rooting for the company to survive this latest setback. More places to work benefits the performers, offering other opportunities and places to gain experience. The closer we get to a WWE monopoly, the less options there are available for the talent. And the only people who benefit from that are the WWE themselves, specifically the McMahon family. Dixie Carter and the brass at TNA have made a litany of mistakes, wreaking havoc on the promotion€™s chances for expansion and growth, and that€™s a shame because they€™ve always a solid roster of hard-working talent who€™ve strived to help the company succeed. But if we don€™t receive some news of the contrary fairly soon, it looks like that talent will soon be looking for work on the independent scene. Spike TV will likely not to renew TNA€™s television contract, and come October, this may very well be the end. Let€™s take look at the most critical mistakes made by the company throughout their run and what€™s put them in this precarious position.
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