10 Recent Wrestler Pitches WWE Turned Down

An idea has to be pretty bad for creatively bereft WWE to reject it, right? Not necessarily.

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Life must be difficult for those on the periphery of WWE TV.

Forget the whole 'living the dream and getting paid huge amounts of money' part of it all, because that stuff surely fades into the background when faced with Sisyphusian struggle on the creative front. In fact, pushing a massive boulder up a neverending hill may just be more enjoyable than pitching ideas to the WWE creative team.

Not all pitches should be accepted, of course, and if you let the inmates run the asylum you will probably end up with a product that is every bit as chaotic and frustrating as modern WWE actually is. After all, who wants to see a heavily pregnant woman get ambushed in a maternity ward? Sexy nuns? Life-threatening Royal Rumble cameos?

Those are just three of the pitches rejected by WWE creative over the last couple of years, as the promotion's willingness to listen to the ideas of its superstars has led to a wide range of creativity coming to the table. You can make your own mind up whether these should have been put into practice or not, but it does leave one to consider the pitches we don't hear about.

Wait, sexy nuns?!

10. Chelsea Green: A Modern Day Disco Inferno

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No, Chelsea Green didn't pitch a gimmick where she played a 21st-century version of Disco Inferno. Should she have? That's beside the point.

It wouldn't have been a huge shock if the recently released Green had put forward such an idea, such were the breadth of ideas she pitched to Vince and the writing team during her time in the company. Where to begin? Well, a run as Mrs Dominik Mysterio would have been mighty interesting, although it is surely too early in young Dominik's career for him to be sidelined by tumultuous romance. Let's have father and son tag champs first, please.

Among Chelsea's other ideas was the concept of a sexy nun alongside Seth Rollins, although a potential Daisy Duke character was possibly more likely than Rollins being joined by a suggestive Sister. Chelsea also proposed becoming the third member of the IIconics, complete with fake Australian accent. Would that have made them the IIIconics? Yes, yes it would have.

She pitched to be aligned with Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, as well as with John Morrison and The Miz, although she admits she was pretty desperate by that point. All the ideas fell on deaf ears, and Green now finds herself on the outside looking in.

What was wrong with the original Hot Mess? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

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