10 Ridiculous Tag-Teams WWE Missed Out On

Because who says wrestling needs to be taken seriously?

Every single one of these ridiculous teams could've happened at some point.

Don't believe it? Think back to when fiery masked demon Kane and technical wrasslin' wizard Daniel Bryan were shoved together as hilarious huggers 'Team Hell No' in 2012. At the time, this writer can remember several friends telling him with great confidence that "this will never work", but the duo prolonged Kane's WWE run and created enough popularity that Bryan later enjoyed the best period of his career.

The silliness of their unlikely little and large combo, one that switched between bickering, comedic arguments and serious in-ring chemistry, just clicked. Besides, it was no more out there than some other tags the company had tried on for size over the years - Bryan wasn't even Kane's silliest partner (X-Pac anyone?).

This is a bit of fun. None of the teams examined here actually happened, although at least one was brought up in creative meetings before being quickly brushed away as stupid. What a laugh some of them could've been however.

Get ready for fantasy that refuses to take wrestling too seriously...


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