10 Scariest In-Ring Wrestling Accidents

WARNING: Gruesome images contained herein.


Wrestling might be a scripted art form, but it's far from fake. The risks are very real, and the average performer's body takes an exorbitant amount of punishment over the course of their career. There's no faking wrestling's hardest bumps and biggest spots, and countless athletes have seen their quality of life decline following years of abuse in the squared circle.

Despite this, major incidents are relatively few and far between. A wrestler's duty is to not only put on a good show, but keep them and their opponent safe throughout the match. Most performers do an outstanding job in that department. The margin of error is incredibly thin, however, and one misjudged move can spell catastrophe for those involved.

Wrestlers are just as error prone as anyone else on the planet, and given that they literally have each others' lives in their hands, their accidents occasionally yield horrifying results. Some performers have even lost their lives in the ring, and while these incidents vary in severity, they're all sickening to watch.

Sometimes, there's just nothing that can be done when the stunt show goes wrong, and with very little control over what's about to happen to them, the performers often suffer terrible consequences...

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