10 Scott Hall Moments Wrestling Fans Will Never Forget

"Hard work pays off. Dreams come true. Bad times don't last, but bad guys do".

Scott Hall

Pro wrestling will never forget Scott Hall.

The man's trials, tribulations, personal demons and run-ins with the law have been well-publicised over the years. In fact, at one stage or another, most folks reading this probably thought they'd wake up to tragic news about the man decades ago. This article won't really be focusing on that sort of regrettable drama.

No, instead, it'll spotlight the best that Hall had to offer as a performer and as a man. Whether he was rocking the purple/green/pink/gold/red as Razor Ramon in the WWF/WWE, or wearing some black and white as part of WCW's ultra-cool nWo, Scott was doing something else: Hall was revolutionising the industry he grew to love.

Fans adored him for that.

Tributes have been flooding in from all comers - Hall, either as Razor or as himself in the nWo, touched countless lives with his work. He delivered iconic moments that caused children (young and old!) to sprint into school/work so they could discuss them with friends.

That's a success story. Whilst the man's passing is definitely sad, it's also important to remember the imprint he left that will live on forever.

10. The 1-2-3 Kid Job

Scott Hall

It's a bit mad to think that Razor Ramon had only been in the WWF for less than a full year when he jobbed to The 1-2-3 Kid on 17 May 1993. That Monday Night Raw would go down in history for multiple reasons - it launched Sean Waltman's own company career, and started the roll towards a babyface turn for Hall.

The whole execution was sheer wrestling magic.

Scott selflessly made The Kid look like a million bucks, and gave young fans an underdog they could relate with. In the process, he also softened the harder edges of his 'Machismo' character. It was all so effortless, but then...Razor made everything look that way.

"WWF Superstars" didn't stare at the lights for enhancement workers back in those days. It was an impossibility that Hall made possible, and he did it willingly to help a newbie who might've fallen off Vince McMahon's radar otherwise.

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