10 Screw Ups That Led To Huge WWE Moments

There was no plan to make 'The Man'.

It's amazing there aren't more mistakes in pro wrestling.

No, not creative mistakes - actual errors of judgement that lead to painful injuries, aborted pushes and angry glances from the boss when talent returned back behind the curtain. Of the thousands of wrestling matches that happen every month, only a few produce botches worth documenting online from error-loving fans. Think about that.

This speaks to the skill levels of the men and women who entertain fans every week on TV or on indy shows around the world (current, show-limiting crisis acknowledged, of course), but there have been times when even the most newsworthy of screw ups led to some beautiful moments. That's arguably even more interesting.

WWE, either the company itself or individual workers, managed to salvage operations here and turn muck into magic, or at least muck into a moment fans would be talking about for years. Some were era-defining, others were a tad more negative and a few even forced the creative team to be better at their jobs.

Everything happens for a reason, they say. Sure looks like it...

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