10 Secret Genius Details Behind Wrestler Entrances

9. Jon Moxley FIRES UP

Malakai Black

This isn't actually an exquisite, crafted hidden or subtle detail. It's the opposite. It's a primal reaction elicited by his people. It's as antithetical to the title of the list as Jon Moxley is to Dean Ambrose.

But it nonetheless is genius because, after well over a year of a tainted life asterisked with constant uncertainty even when the news looked halfway positive, he makes pro wrestling feel life-affirming all over again. After so much empty arena wrestling, distanced fans, and virtual fans, Moxley fires the absolute f*ck up when he storms the ring.

The entrance is also antithetical to the robotic, mandated posing of WWE's heavily regulated content factory which in itself is a very intelligent choice. The entrance is never the same. He walks among his people, even if, admittedly, that still isn't the best idea. He steals beer and smashes it against his head like a certain other folk hero. He grabs the nearest object to hand and in a fit of amped-up passion throws said object as far away from himself as possible regardless of where it might end up. He loves this sh*t, and this sh*t felt forever lost.

In short, Moxley's genius is in how he has manifested every hopeless desire we felt in April 2021.

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