10 Shining Lights In WWE’s Darkest Hours

Hope Against Hope


God bless The Miz.

A survivor from the most barren talent development period in company history, Mike Mizanin's 'A-List' alter-ego has made a success of his life and career as a WWE Superstar in spite of countless hurdles that tripped nearly all of the colleagues he progressed alongside.

Loathed by a locker room that deemed him undeserving and hated by a fanbase that weren't asked to take him seriously, the metamorphosis from reality TV wannabe to vital main roster component has been rocky but rewarding. Along the way, Miz enhanced his in-ring repertoire in a manner that made sense for his sh*thouse gimmick, grew exponentially in confidence and charisma without forcing fans to swallow anymore of his sub-MTV nonsense and even worked through a horrendously handled babyface turn the organisation could do a substantially better job of second time around.

He'll likely never be the golden boy in WWE, but he is at long last the vital cog he knew he always had the potential to be. The company has always required performers like The Miz, with the ever-maniacal Vince McMahon even showing glimmers of consistency in how he treats those he knows he can rely on for quality in the ring if not always quantity at the box office. Often undervalued or overlooked, it's these performers that have McMahon's head - if not always his heart.


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