10 Shocking Aftermaths Of Wrestling Matches You Don't Remember

Wins and losses DO matter, and the times everything goes insane when they don't...

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No Montreal. Not in this article. Nowhere apart from in these few lines you're reading now, anyway.

You remember Montreal. Or if you were too young or not even born when Montreal happened, you've been forced to read or hear all about Montreal from those who remember Montreal to the point where you feel like you remember it anyway.

Bret Hart - the best to ever do this thing - has had a career of being the best instead defined by Montreal because not only does everybody remember it but nobody's allowed to forget it. The butterfly effect from the night 'The Hitman' was screwed by Vince McMahon dictated the pace of wrestling at large in the years to come, and a line can still now be drawn between WWE's two-decade monopoly and the moment Shawn Michaels reversed the Sharpshooter.

It's about as shocking an aftermath as it gets (and it would have been even if the story had just ended with Bret knocking Vince clean out with a punch and Julie Hart cutting a promo on a lying Triple H as he looked anywhere but at her), but this sentence is the last you'll hear of it.

There's more Kliq/Vince stuff to get to!

10. Vince McMahon Slams "F**king Horrible" In Your House 4 Main Event

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Post-Bret Hart/Tom Magee, it's very possible that this off-camera tantrum from Vince McMahon can now be considered the newest wrestling footage holy grail this side of the Superfan Vladimir documentary WWE have funded and filmed but are now inexplicably keeping locked away.

As reported in the Wrestling Observer at the time (and anecdotally supported enough in autobiographies and shoot interviews enough that it feels completely legit), Vince McMahon apparently shared the sentiments of his dwindling audience at the conclusion of a rancid In Your House 4 main event between WWE Champion Diesel and The British Bulldog.

The two had worked a horizontal leg stretch for the bulk of the exhausting 18 minute match, and all for a cheap disqualification finish to set up 'Big Daddy Cool's Survivor Series defence against Bret Hart. Fans were too disinterested to even boo the show off the air, but McMahon wasn't so measured. Heard to yell "Horrible, f*cking horrible!" as he threw his headset to the ground before walking to the back, the boss was presumably as displeased with the match as he was the state of things in general - his business was bleeding money and in no obvious sign of recovering, WCW Monday Nitro had just launched and had a vitality the World Wrestling Federation had lost, and a year-long push of a charismatic seven-footer had profoundly failed.

That was the first immediate aftermath of this stinker. And one begat another...

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