10 Shocking Leaks WWE Never Wanted You To See

Spoilers, scripts and rules that made their way online that outraged WWE.

Undertaker live

It’s widely known WWE are eager on keeping their inner workings secret and behind closed doors.

Vince McMahon in particular is a very confidential person who rarely does interviews with outside media. He treats his life like he treats his company – private. So it’s not surprising when he gets furious and frustrated when official documents that were exclusively meant to be read by official WWE employees end up online. That and when backstage gossip and spoilers are reported online regarding characters and storylines before they air, with it being reported multiple times he’s held rigid backstage inquiries to locate the source of the leaks.

Even recently it was reported it went as far as John Laurinaitis telling producers not to discuss anything creative with talent, partially in fear of the information making its way online, leaving some Superstars completely in the dark as to their future plans.

Despite WWE working hard to control the leaks, it hasn’t stopped some astonishing footage, documents and audio appearing online. After all, they never wanted the memo that forbids Superstars from leg slapping when kicking becoming widely reported online (with AEW and others poking fun at it). They never wanted the rumours of Edge returning to in-ring action for the first time in nearly 10 years at Royal Rumble (2020) to circulate months before the event.

Unfortunately for WWE, these things are often outwith their hands...


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