10 Shocking Revelations From WWE Wrestlers' Autobiographies

Kayfabe is over.


There are one or two as-yet-unreleased wrestling autobiographies that we're dying to read (although anyone expecting to one day get their hands on Vince McMahon's tell-all book could be left disappointed).

Until then, though, we're going to have to make do with what we have. And what we have, it turns out, isn't too bad. From Bret Hart to Justin Roberts, many of those who have been intimately involved with the wrestling business in some capacity or other have an interesting story or perspective to tell.

Even the books released under the WWE banner - whose contents, you might presume, with some justification, would be devoid of anything too salacious - are often far more revealing than we bargained for (Chris Jericho, for example, was allowed to speak frankly on the subject of Chris Benoit in his).

Apart from anything else, wrestling memoirs - like any other - need to sell, and that means authors, however guarded with the press under normal circumstances, can often be persuaded into parting with a shocking story or controversial opinion to help drive up their takings.

And who knows? Some of them might even be true.