10 Shocking Times WWE Pulled The Plug On Mega Pushes

9. The Radicalz

Lacey Evans

Chris Benoit had given up the WCW World Heavyweight Championship to gamble on himself in WWE, whilst Eddie Guerrero had been an impassioned heel and babyface at various points on his pro wrestling journey. As part of The Radicalz, 'The Crippler' and 'Latino Heat' were forced to be grizzled mechanics for months.

After a debut that shook the industry to its core during a period WCW could still allegedly be considered competition, the four defectors sidled up to headline authority figure Triple H after wrestling all of DX on their first ever SmackDown.

By WrestleMania - just three months later - all three were trapped in the midcard. The initial superpush had been a false promise that would only ever be delivered to Benoit and Guerrero.

Saturn and Malenko were rugged machinists, but the WWE machine needed the star quality of the late stars. Within two years, neither of them were even wrestling full - time. Within four, both Guerrero and Benoit had won World Titles.


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