10 Shocking WWE Babyface Burials You Totally Don't Remember

9. Bayley On The Raw After WrestleMania 35

seth rollins

A truly perplexing post-WrestleMania 35 burial came Bayley's way, all enhanced by the notable absence of her partner Sasha Banks following an even stranger booking decision the prior night.

24 hours after The IIconics had shockingly dethroned The Boss & Hug Connection on the 'Grandest Stage', Bayley was brushed aside by Alexa Bliss in just 2:45 on a show known for highlighting just who will be focused upon in the near future. Bliss had been the affable host of WrestleMania one night prior, making this specific booking all the odder. That it came as rumours swirled of Banks' deep dissatisfaction didn't help 'The Hugger's cause either.

She rebounded soon enough, going on to win the SmackDown Women's Championship following a Money In The Bank cash-in the next month. But her heel turn at the end of the summer was the real difference-maker - she'd was far too damaged to move the needle as a hero after this wretched one-two punch.


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