10 Shocking WWE House Show Moments You Haven't Seen

Fans running in on WWE matches, referees pinning wrestlers, crowds rioting and more!

Big Show WWE Referee Pin House Show

A hidden downside to 2020 was that WWE didn't run any house shows for most of the year. That continued on into 2021, but then crowds started coming back in droves and the company began dabbling in some touring again. Attendees seemed happy enough to have some live shows back - there weren't any reports of trouble or many wild incidents, at least.

Changed days then.

Non-televised live events used to be a bit of a unique treat for hardcore fans who fancied something a little different. The pros routinely let their guard down on these shows too. They're more likely to cut loose and have a little fun for those who plonk down their hard-earned money to see, amongst other things, some of the most bizarre and unplanned WWE moments ever.

This collection of shocking house show tales has referees going rogue, stars doing their best impression of your drunk dad at a wedding, off-the-cuff duets and more. Then, there's the more serious stuff. Careers have sadly ended on these cards, fans have invaded the show and entire crowds have tried to tear everything down in a blind rage.

Brace yourself for some madness.

10. The Ref Pins Big Show

Big Show WWE Referee Pin House Show

It's hard to find an exact date for this one, sadly, but Chad Patton could probably tell you. After all, he once tried to pin none other than Big Show on a WWE house show. Yes, it's true - just check out the image above for proof.

Patton and fellow official John Cone had a worked argument about something in-ring (presumably, one of them ran out to inform the other of some heelish shenanigans or something like that), then Patton suddenly covered Show for a near fall. The giant kicked out, obviously, then stomped around the place acting angry.

What a pop that must've been for fans in the arena.

This is not the kind of thing anyone would've expected to see when they attended that evening. Imagine how much fun it could've been had Show called an ad-lib and let Chad (2 Bad?) pin him for a full three. That'd be the answer to some obscure WWE trivia question.

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