10 Shocking WWE Plans You Won't Believe Almost Happened

How different the history of the WWE might have been.

Vince McMahon The Undertaker Kane

Despite the on-screen illusion that the WWE product is chaotic and spontaneous, the reality is that everything the WWE produces has been penned by WWE writers and cleared by WWE executive powers at WWE Head Office. Simply put, (basically) everything that has happened on WWE TV has happened because the WWE planned for it to happen.

As a publicly traded company that has to answer to shareholders, the WWE don't want to take any unnecessary risks and micromanage every aspect of their product. Even in the halcyon days of the Attitude Era, where things may have seemed like they had been ad-libbed and off-the-cuff, Vince McMahon himself still had to sit down and approve anything before it went out on the airwaves.

Yet while plans usually unfold without any problems, unforeseen events can sometimes change them or in certain circumstances cancel them altogether. Wrestling injuries, backstage politics and even current affairs have all impacted upon a number of WWE plans that few people ever knew were originally scheduled to take place.

These 'plans' that were meant to happen but never did are the subject of much speculation and debate amongst the wrestling community. After all, it could be argued that had these unused plans played out as intended, the WWE could potentially be an entirely different company to the one that exists today.

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