10 Short-Lived Wrestling Stables You Totally Don’t Remember

9. Vince's Devils


What a gig Vince McMahon had in 2005. Every week on Raw, the boss could be seen cavorting with Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson and Victoria, who were collectively known as 'Vince's Devils'. The threesome were cast as b*tches who bullied newcomers like Ashley Massaro and manipulated McMahon.

Vince, the trooper that he is, didn't have the heart to fend them off.

As this all happened amidst the 'Diva' era of women's wrestling in WWE; Michelle and Wilson eventually split after arguing about a Playboy pictorial, because of course they did. Such was the fate of female performers in '05 that they were pencilled in for make-out sessions with the owner and regular playground-style slapfests with those who tried to muscle in on their turf.

The Playboy spread drama was the Devils' downfall the following March, and it happened just in time for a 'Playboy Pillow Fight' at WrestleMania 22 between Candice and Torrie. McMahon wasn't the special guest referee, for the record - that must have been an oversight.


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