10 Sickening Wrestling Bumps That Should Have Never Happened

9. Kairi Sane's Neck Gets Buckle Bombed

Though we could've used a decent amount of incidents involving Nia Jax in this wretched list, we've decided to mostly focus on one of the more recent botched bumps she was responsible for.

Coming towards the end of her run as a WWE wrestler, former NXT Women's Champion Kairi Sane was given the unenviable job of taking on the "Irresistible Force" during an episode of Monday Night Raw earlier this year. After being rag-dolled around the ring for much of the match by the former Raw Women's Champion, Sane was eventually pulverised with a monstrous buckle bomb. Instead of being safely dumped back-first on the top turnbuckle, however, the Kabuki Warrior was insanely launched neck-first at the bottom one.

This sloppy attempt at the potentially dangerous move immediately led to the company receiving backlash from fans online, and it wasn't long before WWE reportedly banned the buckle bomb from being used for a spell.

If this unplanned impact wasn't bad enough, though, Sane was also badly busted open during another bout with Jax around the same time. At least there's no risk of her being injured by her old tormentor again now that she's safely back home in Japan... we hope.


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