10 Sneaky Tributes To WWE Greats

Please think responsibly.

Edge and Randy Orton were anything but subtle during their recent "Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" at Backlash. Together, the pair mapped out several spots that paid homage to legends of the past, including The Rock, Triple H, Eddie Guerrero and more.

Moves like the Rock Bottom and Pedigree provided nice moments for the bout, but sneakiness wasn't on the agenda as the pair rolled through old favourites and left time for the announcers to point out their references like giddy super-fans.

Wrestling fans have a real lust for nostalgia these days, and it's not just the older demographic who want to see nods towards ghosts of grappling's past; the WWE Network has introduced a younger generation to some of the biggest and best moments from history, so it's now more likely than ever that a 10-year old (for example) would appreciate someone riffing through Bret Hart's greatest hits.

Somewhat remarkably considering he's one of the most inspiring wrestlers ever, Hart isn't here. Not to worry though, because some of his most illustrious peers are, and they've all received their own mini-tributes during promos or matches that offered a respectful side to the workers showing their appreciation...


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