10 Sons Of Wrestling Legends Who Failed To Fill Their Father's Boots

You can't always make daddy proud.


Nepotism and wrestling go together like a Brexit beer mat in a Weatherspoons.

For decades, grappling progenitors have been a steady source of producing aspiring wrestling talent

While many sons of famed wrestlers, such as Greg Valentine and Tully Blanchard, went on to have significant careers of their own in the wrestling boom period of the 1980s, the 1990s led to an increased growth in the number of father-son wrestling connections - to varying degrees of success.

While second generation stars such as Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and The Rock have undoubtedly eclipsed the wrestling achievements of their patriarchs, countless more have dramatically failed to replicate their father's success in the industry.

Whether bowing to the pressure of their family name or simply lacking the ability to step out of their father's shadow, the burden of carrying a legendary surname has frequently led to career re-appraisal and early retirement among sons of venerable wrestlers.

Here are ten cases of wrestlers who were never able to come close to achieving the feats of their famous fathers.


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