10 Stiffest Wrestlers Ever

Did these guys even know wrestling's a show?

No matter how many times non-fans tell us that €œits all fake€ or that €œthey know how to fall€, we true fans KNOW that wrestling hurts. In one shoot interview, Chris Jericho remembered that Ricky Steamboat once told him to €œbe prepared to live every day in pain€ if he wanted to make it as a pro wrestler. €œHe wasn€™t wrong about that,€ recalled Jericho. The reality of wrestling is a hard one. In a very real sense, wrestlers place their careers and their bodies in the hands of their opponents, every single night. This is why concepts like the €˜worker€™s handshake€™ evolved in the first place (basically, a €˜working handshake€™ is a soft, light handshake that implies that the person shaking your hand can be trusted not to hurt you too badly in the ring). However, some wrestlers are gentler than others! Others still are well known in the industry for being very rough with their opponents (either on purpose or by accident). In wrestling jargon, this is called being €˜stiff€™. In case you€™re wondering, the wrestlers on this list are by no means bad workers, in fact, most of them are genuinely great at what they do, all an inclusion in this list suggests is that someone, somewhere has had a very, very long night after working with them. So, get your painkillers at the ready, because here are 10 of the stiffest wrestlers ever to set foot inside the squared circle!

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